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We provide unlimited elite digital work and capital to help you grow your e-commerce business, in exchange for a single digit royalty.

No banks, no credit checks, no BS.

Product Vessel - Digital Business Solutions

You take the lion’s share, just leave us a small royalty

How it Works

Our partners give us large amounts of credit and capital. We look for amazing entrepreneurs with products and passion (like you) to give the credit and capital. We then ask the best people, teams and advertising platforms in the world if they think you’ll win. If they agree, within 72 hours you’ll have a hand-selected million dollar team in-house to build, market and scale you.

Product Vessel investors and partners

Smart Capital

Our investors and partners are no strangers to global ecommerce. Located in 12 countries, globally, they rely on us to find great people and products to invest in internationally. If your product can ‘make it’, odds are we’ve seen it, done it, or can call someone who can help.

Product Vessel's works

Great Brands

Local or global, we want to work with every brand we think is scalable. A great brand needs a great team behind it, and a great story to tell. We encourage expert entrepreneurs to focus on the product, and let expert marketers focus on the brand.

Team at Product Vessel

Elite Teams

Accessing an elite talent pool to work on any brand is difficult without a lot of money. In most circumstances, large deposits are expected up front. Our hand-selected elite teams have worked for and helped scale some of the biggest names on the planet (from Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Intuit, to celebrities and household brands like Nike, Jordan, Tony Robbins).

How We Invest

Below are some of the tasks and teams we recruit and pay for to help brands scale. Each point on the wheel represents an area of growth, along with a blank cost associated to fulfill; it's up to us to evaluate what is needed and invest accordingly.

Digital 360 Planning

Our digital 360 planning - Offline checklist
Our digital 360 planning

Our Products

Some of our own innovative products we’ve built, to date

  • Todooos - our self built CRM platform for project management


    Todooo's is our self built CRM platform that makes project management a breeze. Why use someone else's platform when we can use our own? Todooo's offers team management, time keeping, multiple company and product management, and more.

    Learn more
  • Design App - a cloud design feedback tool

    Design App

    The easiest cloud design feedback tool imaginable. For clients, agencies, and quick design collaboration. Since we built this, our agency won’t use anything else. They say, necessity is the mother of invention.

    Learn more
  • Migration+ - a global migration solution for VISA applications


    A global migration solution for VISA applications. An automated process management system on steroids. All the departments are internally connected in a single platform to give a hassle-free user experience, saving time and money.

    Learn more
  • Parko - a complete back-end solution for law firms


    The complete back-end solution for law firms. Create legal cases, add prosecutions, track papers, digital records, and more. New inter-departmental alignment with varied levels of legal processing, management, and workflow. Build an unlimited range of users and preferences.

    Learn more
  • Case Creator - a web app to place logo or artwork onto promotional items

    Case Creator

    A web app that allows users to place their logo or artwork onto promotional items. Users can select various grid-structures from the template gallery, drag and drop their images of choice, and place any custom order for shipment. Here, we allow a custom iPhone case to be created and place any customer orders for shipment."

    Learn more
  • Comatez - an all-purpose social platform


    Comatez is an all-purpose social platform built to redefine strategic, industry specific communication & sharing of files, videos, documents and more. This platform can be personalized to suit any institute or organization within its target demographic.

    Learn more
  • Jaribha - crowd-funding platform in the middle east


    Did you know Mozart and Beethoven used crowdfunding? We built Jaribha, a crowd-funding platform serving the middle east, which allows users to seek donations, capital or equity.

    Learn more

Profit with Purpose

Not only do we elevate the brilliant entrepreneurs that make the products we know, love, trust and pay for today --- but we also look into who’s behind the marketing of those products, and help them scale, too.

Our Tech School in India

Tech School India

A look at our tech school and website in Berhampore, on the border of India and Bangladesh fully funded by us today.

Team members of Product Vessel-cum-Bengali Valley

Bengali Valley

Check our website and future vision for the tech park that gives back. Fully funded, eco-sustainable and profit-sharing program for Indian youth in tech.


Watch Our Documentary:
Enter India

Watch a documentary of founders Matt and Grant traveling to India for the first time in 2015, setting up the company with local partners and building a team of amazing staff.