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Product Vessel was created to be the bridge between digital experts, investors, and business owners - we know that it takes all three parties to create beautiful business that evolve and grow over time.

We started as Idea Vessel, a full-scale digital marketing that combined the best digital talent around the globe, capable of expert design, development, SAAS creation, app creation, back-end management, animation, illustration, custom builds, SEO, advertising spend, video and film production, professional photography, virtual and augmented reality, and so much more. We partnered with businesses of all sizes to create a digital identity that would be shared with the world, ultimately ending in radical company growth.

As we journeyed with many businesses, we found that many struggled to find a budget for adequately marketing their companies online such that they could maximize short and long-term growth; businesses had the best chance to succeed quickly if they were not weighed down by typical agency costs and digital advertising spend costs.

This is where Product Vessel comes in - first, through our VC fund, Kingdom Venture Capital Fund, otherwise know as KVCF - we find investors who are looking to invest in highly scalable product and service companies that are backed by a powerful marketing and tech team. This may be you! We take the investment capital and diversify it amongst a number of product or service based companies, exclusively using every dollar only for the purposes of digitally marketing the company online. To be clear, we take ZERO margin on any dollar - again, we are only using the capital to promote product and service companies through the many ad channels available online, including ones you have heard of like Google and Facebook.

When a company receives investment for purposes of Ad Spend, we then take a share of revenue generated through all the platforms we build for the company, and that revenue share finds it way back into the investment fund, restocking the fund and paying dividends to investors.

You may be on the other side - you may be a business owner with the perfect product or service that simply needs some help! The diligence process for each company we partner and invest in is extensive, but if you qualify, you will be working with the best talent from around the world. You’ve taken a great step in finding something the world needs, but now it’s time to partner with us to make sure it actually finds it’s eager customer base!

Product Vessel is ultimately simple - choose to either 1) invest or 2) partner with our global agency. We look forward to becoming your partner!


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